Primal Himalayas


Primal Himalayas is the brainchild of Saurabh, who himself had been meandering in most parts of Himalayas and western ghats, since 2013. As a solo traveler/trekker, He has done many impeccable treks like Buran Ghati, Kanamo Peak, Beas Kund, Dev Tibba, Bhrigu Lake, Kuari Pass and so on. After wandering for so long in the Himalayas, he decided to make other people also experience the same magical trails he went through.

He started taking his friends and acquaintances for many hikes and treks in Himachal and Uttarakhand, and later he realized the potential he had, in making people climb, and encourage them to test their resilience and courage, by being a good trek leader. Saurabh had been observing the trekking world that exists, in terms of experience with stay, food and transport. So He wanted to offer the fellow trekkers an unforgettable experience that would be affordable, enjoyable and with community experience.

That’s how Primal Himalayas was born. We cannot complain about this solo trekker so far, because he has organized over 100+ hikes and treks, with 100+ people with no compromise on safety, honesty, comfort, affordability, and enjoyment as well.

Meet the team

roy martin
jane Marshall
Jim Glen
Activities Manager
john wick

Community-based experience

we provide hostel/home-stay, café experiences, comfortable transport facilities, with an added advantage of evening activities, extended stay, delicious food etc.

Customized treks

We can customize your treks. Trek at your comfort. Solo or a group, we can design a trek solely based on your expectations.


We can assure that we can provide you best experience in a pocket-friendly budget. Running out of budget? No worries, we can curate treks/hikes that best fits you.